Many organisations think about changing legal structure when the trustees and management committees are concerned about personal liability. Incorporation means creating a legal identity for the organisation that is different to its members.
Each organisation has a group of people (management committee trustee board) that is responsible by law for running the organisation and making sure it does what it sets out to do. The people in these groups can be called management committee members or trustees.
Would you like to know what is involved in setting up a new voluntary organisation or community group? We outline a few things to consider and our Support and Development team are here offer for further advice.
A charity is an organisation with exclusively charitable purposes that benefit the public. Charities must operate within the constraints of charity law. We can offer advice and help you register as a charity.
A ‘charitable company’ is an organisation that has first become an incorporated organisation and then has registered as a charity. We can offer advice and guidance on different legal structures and help you set up a charitable company.
All companies have the right to alter their articles by special resolution or written resolution. Some changes need consent or special procedure. Get in touch for support around changing your company articles.