DIY Advocate

What is DIY Advocate®?

DIY Advocate® is your online tool to work through problems. It is an app to organise your problem step by step, think about your options, make decisions, get more information and make an action plan. It gives you tools to make your voice heard and have your rights upheld. It helps you get the services you need.

How can DIY Advocate® help you?

  • Organise your thoughts, feelings and wishes about a problem
  • Get the information you need about your problem from the resources section
  • Consider your options and make decision about what you want to do 
  • Work out what actions you want to take and make an action plan
  • Create a report which gathers details about your problem and what you would like to happen
  • Share your report with someone you want to tell about your problem 
  • Get the best out of meetings and appointments by preparing for them and telling people beforehand what you would like to discuss

The App is very good and comprehensive. It has all the useful options for someone in my position who has just arrived in this country. It covers options like health, education, benefit and everything I needed. I am very thankful you introduced this app to me." Advocacy service user

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For organisations:

  • Improve your services by making people feel that their voices are being heard, their choices are being respected and that they are central to decisions made about them
  • Make meetings more efficient by helping your service users tell you what issues they would like to discuss, prepare for meetings and feel confident to attend
  • Save time and improve case load management for your staff by supporting your service users to prepare for meetings and help ensure their attendance

I found it very useful, plenty of information, no jargon, easy to access. I think it is very useful for professionals and clients alike. In these challenging unprecedented times we will be needing to access more information online.

Mental Health Support Worker

I think this has brilliant resources and is very easy to navigate. It is attractive too and great links for service users and care health professionals.

Mental Health Service Manager

I think the reports are really helpful and support what is important for the person.  The layout is simple and captures important issues without being overwhelming.

It’s user-friendly and you can’t really make any errors, therefore it’s non-threatening.