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Coronavirus updates and guidance

It’s important we all continue to take steps to prevent the spread of the illness, and support our staff and volunteers in different ways as restrictions change.
13 April 2021
We have welcomed working with organisations across the North-East to improve services for people across the gender diversity spectrum.
30 March 2021
Connected Voice Advocacy has a team of trained advocates to work specifically with autistic people who are detained under the Mental Health Act.
29 March 2021
A regional Safeguarding Adults radio campaign Say No to Abuse went live on 29 March 2021.  Awareness-raising adverts will highlight physical, emotional and financial abuse. At Connected Voice Advocacy we support our service-users to Say No To Abuse in many ways.

23 March 2021
We’re asking organisations that work across Gateshead to share their volunteering opportunities on the website.
10 March 2021
We’ve shared key information about the Census that individuals and organisations can refer to in order to help people complete and submit their questionnaire. For full details about the census, please visit
10 March 2021
The Haref Ramadan prayer calendars are available to download and share from our website. These contain information about safe fasting with diabetes, managing your glaucoma, and COVID-19 vaccine information.
02 March 2021
Connected Voice Haref has been working with key organisations to produce and share COVID-19 vaccine information. Haref strives for health equality for local Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities and the resources are particularly aimed at people from these communities but still useful for all.
16 February 2021
#NeverMoreNeeded is a national campaign to highlight the essential support that charities have provided throughout the Coronavirus crisis. Join us on 17 February to shout about the amazing work that charities in our region of done and ask the government not to overlook our vital contributions to our communities.
09 February 2021
We have been busy facilitating consultation for local voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in Newcastle and Gateshead, as both Councils work through their budget setting processes. The Councils and many VCSE organisations are facing unprecedented financial challenges due to the pandemic.