Haref Network

The Haref Network is at the heart of all our work. You can become a member of the Haref Network if you are:

  • A community organisation led by people from ethnically marginalised communities or
  • An organisation with a targeted project for ethnically marginalised groups And also
  • Delivering part of your work within Newcastle and Gateshead
  • This includes asylum-seeker and refugee groups and projects)

The Haref Network meets throughout the year to look at current issues, share information and support each other to have a voice with services.

Together we:

  • Have a stronger voice by connecting people across different communities
  • Share information and evidence, and respond to issues as they are happening through working groups
  • Identify skills-building and capacity-building opportunities for Haref Network members
  • Look at opportunities to work in collaboration or develop partnerships within the Haref Network and with the Haref Allies
  • Identify opportunities for engagement and research to ensure the Haref Network has an influence on how health services are developed and delivered
  • Lobby about key issues and campaigns

If you would like to find out more about joining the Haref Network, please email haref@connectedvoice.org.uk


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