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This page is regularly updated with a variety of selected funding opportunities and funding-related news.

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This page is divided into four sections:

  • Funding Support and Advice an overview of the range and type of funding support that Connected Voice can offer you and your organisation. This section will soon also include details of the range of funding resources, Skills-Building Sessions and Funding Events (such as our Virtual Funding Fair on 17 June) that we and our partner organisations offer.
  • Funding News, a concise and brief digest of significant and locally relevant news tailored to our audience, with an emphasis - but not exclusively - on the needs of small charities and community organisations. In the current situation the News section will be the place to look for developments and details of Coronavirus response funding sources.  We'll be keeping some significant stories up on the page, even when for example applications have been paused or things have changed, so you know what's been going on. We'll always try to make sure that it's clear when a fund is paused or closed in these stories. If we haven't, and you spot something, please do let us know.
  • Funding Opportunities with a closing  date. These are listed by date of closing, with the nearest closing dates listed first.  Always check out the newer grant opportunities that are listed at the bottom of that section, so that you never leave a funding application until the last minute. We'll always advise you check Funding News first, as we aim to avoid repeating information in order to save your  time and resources, which for all of us are now more valuable than ever
  • Funding Opportunities with an ongoing application process or rolling deadlines. We always encourage to 'think outside the box' when looking for funding for funding sources for something in particular. For example, if you're looking to fund a community music project to reach disadvantaged young people, we always advise not to just look for 'music funding', look at general funding for youth, funders seeking to adress social exclusion, or community cohesion. Always keep your focus on what your project ultimately seeks to change, not just how you seek to do it.

Over the Summer, as we move to our new website, this page will have a single landing page and then give you the option of going on to these different sections, making things easier to find your way around, and allowing us to expand and develop the content to be of even greater use as resources in your fundraising. . 

Funding Support and Advice

Funding support and advice are one of the many services we offer to voluntary, community, charity and social enterprise organisations serving Newcastle and Gateshead and to our member organisations. Whether you have a question about funding sources, need guidance in the final step of preparing a funding application, or want to develop a more comprehensive and strategic approach - we can offer a wide range of support. We offer a level of free service to organisations operating in Newcastle or Gateshead, plus a range of Premium Services available to any organisation. Whether you are looking to develop a sustainable organisation-wide funding strategy, want to identify suitable funders for a particular project, or just want someone to check over a draft bid. Visit our website to find out more about our services, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 'Funding Support' in the subject line, or complete the contact form on the website, and we will be in touch to help you make your ideas for positive change happen. 

Our 2020 Funding Fair on 17 June

The Connected Voice Newcastle and Gateshead Funding Fair 2020 is going ahead in a different and virtual format. We've been working hard to find the best alternative ways for you to get access to quick, clear information from funders, more expert advice and a way to offer you practical support and advice in how you can make the best and most compelling case for funding.  We've not made it too fancy, so it will be accessible as wide a range of people as possible. And while we can't offer you the direct opportunity to speak with funders - technically and logistically that just isn't feasible - we think you'll find our virtual Funding Fair is a great alternative.

The webpages for our Virtual Funding Fair will go live on 12 June, and there'll be content being continually added right up to the day of the Fair itself on 17 June.  Please don't ask us what's going to be there in advance, as we're busy working with our colleagues and partners to create it for you. And some of it is up to you!

There will be four Areas:

Exhibitors Area: A series of short videos from a range of funders, advice and support services that you can peruse at your leisure, recreating in virtual form the experience of looking around the exhibition stands at our traditional funding.

Expert Seminar Area: A series of longer videos recreating the experience of our ten-minute seminar-style briefings that proved such a popular and welcome addition to our Newcastle Funding Fair last Summer

Dragons' Den Showcase Area: A series of short videos showcasing the work of a range of local voluntary, community, charity and social enterprise organisations. This will recreate the experience of the hugely enjoyable and popular Dragons' Den feature we introduced at last Autumn's Gateshead Funding Fair.

Funding Support and Advice Area: This will offer a simple template to help you sketch out your funding priorities in a strategic way, and to help focus your ideas for positive change into a clear, costed and compelling proposal for funding. This are will also link you into the live phone-in Funding Support and Advice Service we'll be offering from the highly skilled and experienced Connected Voice Support and Development on the day of the Fair itself.  We'll also be able to direct people from organisations outside of Newcastle and Gateshead to our friends and colleagues in neighbouring areas who are offering a similar phone-in service on the day.

If you have video content you want to offer us to use, whether as a funder or other exhibitor, as an expert seminar, or as an organisation looking to showcase your work, celebrate what you do, and catch the eyes of funders, potential partner organisations, potential trustees or volunteers, or sources of other in-kind support, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There's no registration or booking required. We'd love you to be part of it, and it won't be the same without you!



Are there any funders, organisations, information or issues that you’d especially like to see covered? Let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll try to make it happen

Funding News

Response to Coronavirus

In the current situation we'll be updating this page continually with news of funding support, and key messages relating to funding, from reliable resources. If there are things funding-related that you come across that you feel other community groups, charities and social enterprises should know about, and that we ought to feature, email us with 'Coronavirus Funding News' in the subject line. Similarly, if you notice that any of the details of a funding source have changed since we posted here, such as a fund pausing applications, please do let us know. As we are in such a fast moving environment at the moment, your input and support is invaluable and always welcomed.

The good news is that almost every funder has been very pro-active in making it clear that they want to be as supportive as possible for the people and organisations that they currently fund. Contact your funder, but be aware that they might not be able to fully respond immediately, as they are likely to be very busy, and are dealing with changing how they work as much as all the rest of us. But it’s more than a good idea to write a short summary of how you are changing what you deliver in order to best meet the needs of the people and communities you serve, whilst taking notice of advice about reducing the risk of transmission of coronavirus.  If you need support in drafting a summary of your contingency planning or continuity planning measures, then get in touch with us. Our Support and Development team are here to help. Email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 'Continuity Plans' in the subject line.

The message from funders is clear: This isn’t a time for worrying about hitting monitoring targets, but keep a record of what you are doing and why, and let your funders know.  A typical announcement is this one which is a joint statement from a wide range of funders. Although it's mainly aimed at the capital, many of the funders are country-wide, and their advice and statement of support is just as relevant to us here in the North-East.

National Lottery Community Fund portal for bids to the Government-funded Coronavirus Community Support Fund now open

National Lottery Community Fund's portal for applications to the Government’s new Coronavirus Community Support Fund is now open for applications. This new funding stream makes available £200m in Government funding that will be aimed primarily at small to medium organisations in England. The Fund has two key objectives:

  1. To increase community support to vulnerable people affected by the COVID-19 crisis, through the work of civil society organisations.
  2. To reduce temporary closures of essential charities and social enterprises, ensuring services for vulnerable people impacted by COVID-19 have the financial resources to operate, and so reduce the burden on public services.

Find out more:

The application process, online forms and the way different sizes of bid have been structured, mirrors the pre-existing ones for applications of under and over £10k.  For more details and how to apply: and 

It's worth noting that the usual funding streams that you might be familiar with, Awards For All for grants of under £10k, and Reaching Communities for grants of over £10k, have been suspended and streamlined into the above processes.

Karl Wilding CEO of NCVO said "There is more for the government to do to help support good organisations which we’ll need more than ever for the recovery. We're going to continue these conversations with them"

Lisa Goodwin, Chief Executive of Connected Voice said "We’re pleased that after a long delay since the initial announcement of this funding, VCS organisations can apply for the NLCF Coronavirus Community Support Fund from Friday. They have released £200m to start with and will release the rest at a later date. If you want some support with your application please give us a call. Because of the immense challenges facing VCS organisations at the moment our team are helping not only to review and advise on applications, but to draft them for you if capacity is an issue for you right now. Contact us to see how we can help."

Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland 'Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund' and 'National Emergency Trust Fund' open for applications

The first rounds of grants given through these funds were targetted directly at organisations across the region providing support for elderly and vulnerable people, including emergency food supplies, and to food banks in every local autority area in the region. Now both funds are open for applications, with a streamlined process for applications to both. The Community Foundation is encouraging organisations not just in the first emergency response, but also looking at recovery funding for local charities and community organisations whose operations and finances have been affected, so they can continue their activities once the outbreak eases.

Find out more:

New British Muslim COVID-19 Fund opens for applications from charities and community groups irrespective of faith

The British Muslim Covid-19 Fund has been launched and kickstarted with the coming together of three charities: Peace and Relief, Rahma Mercy, and Drop of Compassion. They have together contributed £100,000 and are hoping to build on this. The fund is to help charities, community groups and organisations, irrespective of faith affected by the COVID-19 outbreak with grants from £250 to £5000 to support work aimed at ameliorating the impact of coronavirus

Find out more:

Chancellor sets out extra £750 million coronavirus funding for frontline charities

  • £750 million pot for frontline charities across the UK – including £200m hospices and those supporting people affected by domestic abuse (we understand that this is not an extra £200m on top of this £750m, but are seeking clarification)
  • £360 million direct from government departments and £370 million for smaller charities, including through a grant to the National Lottery Community Fund
  • The government will match donations to the National Emergencies Trust as part of the BBC’s Big Night In fundraiser later this month – pledging a minimum of £20 million

Find out more:

See the response statement from NCVO's CEO Karl Wilding here:

Connected Voice responded "When we know more about distribution we will update. Given the overall amount and the proportion that is ring-fenced for specific services we anticipate that smaller charities in Newcastle and Gateshead will potentially have access to a share of around £3 million."

Government confirms that National Lottery Community Fund’s grant holders are eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The government has confirmed that The National Lottery Community Fund’s grant holders are eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) so long as:

  • they are not primarily funded by the government, and their staff cannot be redeployed to assist with the coronavirus response
  • they do not already receive public funding that is explicitly designed to cover the staff costs for which they are now claiming, and
  • the combined total of their grants and Job Retention Scheme payments should not represent more than 100% of the level of total income they would have expected to receive for salaries and associated salary costs during this period in a non-COVID scenario (for the avoidance of doubt, this includes earned and contributed income).

The National Lottery Community Fund will allow grant holders to vary their grants which had been allocated to paying for staff who are eligible for the CJRS, in order to enable them to allocate funding to other essential activities in order to support communities and ensure continued liquidity.  They cannot advise on eligibility for the CJRS.

For details of the CJRS see:

National Lottery Community Fund to Prioritise COVID-19 Projects

NLCF has announced its priority over the next six months is to get funding to groups best placed to support their communities during the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak whilst still honouring its current commitments.

Priority will be given to:

  • Organisations supporting people who are at high risk from COVID-19.
  • Organisations supporting communities most likely to face increased demand and challenges as a direct result of COVID-19.
  • Organisations with high potential to support communities with the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19.

Groups that would like to submit an application that is not related to COVID-19 are still welcome to do so, however, NLCF anticipates the competition for funding will be greater than usual and there will be a delay in the funder's response.

Find out more:

COVID-19 Emergency Surplus Food Grant

In response to the significant challenges facing many not-for-profit food redistributors in ensuring surplus food can reach the most vulnerable people, and preventing this essential resource from becoming waste, Defra (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) has made £3.25m available through the Resource Action Fund administered by WRAP

  • Phase 1: WRAP has approached a target list of small redistribution organisations who have previously applied to the fund to ascertain their immediate need for potential funding support.
  • Phase 2 provides funding opportunities for small surplus food redistributors and is now open.
  • Phase 3 is aimed aimed at medium-to-larger operators and is now open.

Find out more:

Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund

Support for larger organisations which work in the area of mental health. Grants of £20,000 or £50,000 are available for projects lasting up to 12 months o help VCS organisations based in England continue to provide mental health services, or provide additional support . Administered by Mind on behalf of the Mental Health Consortia with £5m support from the Department of Health and Social Care.

Find out more:

Support for smaller organisations or groups. As part of this funding programme, the National Survivor User Network (NSUN) will be administering a fund to support user-led organisations and smaller, unconstituted community organisations, who might not otherwise be eligible for a grant.

Find out more: Details will be available from Monday 20 April on the NSUN website.


Big Society Capital Announces Support for Social Sector Organisations During COVID-19 Crisis

Big Society Capital has announced a £100 million programme of loans and investment to help get emergency funding to social enterprises, charities and small businesses in disadvantaged parts of the UK that are affected by the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis. It includes:

A new £25 million Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund (RRLF) expected to open this week with the first loans to be completed at the start of May

Smaller, emergency loans will also be made available on the same no fee, no interest for 12 months basis to small businesses and social enterprises in more deprived areas.

Up to a further £50 million which they will reprioritise to address emerging funding needs among social enterprises and charities.

Find out more:

The Clothworkers' Foundation - Emergency Capital Programme

Small capital grants of up to £5,000 for essential capital items to adapt or increase services in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Priority will be given to organisations supporting vulnerable and ‘at risk’ groups within their nine programme areas of priorities.

Find out more:

Ballinger Trust prioritising small grants to help frontline North East charities responding to COVID-19

The Ballinger Trust has announced it is has paused it's usual grant application systems for the time being. Instead they have small amounts of money to grant to those organisations where they are actively responding to help the North East England community they serve through the impacts of Covid 19.

Current priority areas for grant making will include support of older people, hospital discharges, tackling domestic abuse, and food and fuel support of local community families in disadvantaged areas. Grants will range from a few hundred pounds to no more than £1,000.

Find out more:

Update and reassurance from The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation (not an open call to new applicants)

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation is making an additional £16 million of funding available this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In their announcement: "Now, more than ever, we need a strong and diverse civil society so we have allocated £14 million to provide fast-response grants to some of the organisations we currently support across all of our sectors: the arts, children and young people, environment, food and social change.  We will share more details of our fast-response funding directly with organisations we support in the next two weeks."

They are also making available £2 million for contributions to emergency funding schemes in collaboration with others. 

Find out more:

Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland announces first £100,000 of grants from Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund

Rob Williamson Chief Executive of the Community Foundation, said:  “Following the tremendous support of our donors we are pleased to be making the first round of grants totalling £100,000 from the Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund. These grants will go to groups supporting some of the most vulnerable and isolated older people in our communities.” Note that this fund is not open to applications at this time, grantees are currently being prioritised and identified by the Community Foundation. You can still make a general application (or apply to an open call to one of their other specific funds) to the Community Foundation in the usual way.

Find out more:

Barclays launches £100m package for charities tackling Covid-19 crisis 

Banking group Barclays has launched a charity foundation to help tackle the impact of coronavirus and has committed £100m to it. The Barclays Foundation will be giving out half of the £100m in the form of direct funding for charities, while the other half is a commitment to match employees’ donations, including senior figures in the company pledging a third of their salary.

Find out more:

COVID-19 Emergency Fund for the Sight Loss Sector

To support the essential role sight loss organisations play in providing vital services to blind and partially sighted people, Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) has suspended its normal grant funding activities and set up an emergency fund for sight loss organisations.

Find out more:

Virgin Money Foundation gives £850 000 to support local response in the North East to COVID-19 

The Virgin Money Foundation has announced a series of grants totalling more than £850,000 to help fund organisations in the voluntary and community sector in the North East, which is facing an unprecedented challenge in supporting local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. This consists of:

  • £500,000 made available through the Virgin Money Foundation Community Resilience Fund to enable organisations to support their local community
  • £100,000 grant awarded to the Community Foundation for Tyne and Wear and Northumberland to assist the Response and Recovery Fund
  • £252,731 awarded to six Community Anchors providing vital support to local communities

Find out more:

Tesco Bags Of Help launches new COVID-19 Emergency Fund - Closed for applications in Newcastle and Sunderland, still open for applications from elsewhere in our region

This is a new short-term fund to support local communities. Due to the need to respond quickly to the emergency they have created a streamlined application process and payment process to make it easier to get funds distributed quickly. If your application is successful the fund will provide a single payment award of £500 to organisations who are supporting vulnerable groups. The programme is set up to support organisational need in this time of crisis rather than fund specific projects.

Find out more: 

Heritage Emergency Fund launches to help heritage projects and organisations 

A new £50million fund to support the heritage sector as an immediate response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The UK-wide fund - money raised by the National Lottery - will address immediate pressures over the next three-six months for those organisations most in need. It will be open for applications within the next few days.

 The ycontinue to support more than 2,500 projects that they have already committed to - an investment of more than £1billion. Plus, there's additional support and resources, including accelerating the provision of their £1.2m Digital Skills for Heritage initiative to help the sector through the crisis and beyond.

Find out more:,6TDZI,1M49PU,RAONY,1

Youth Music launches new Emergency Fund

Youth Music has announced a new Emergency Fund to offer additional support to music-making organisations affected by coronavirus. prioritise the people and organisations in the most immediate need, and to make quick decisions and payments. Organisations do not need to have held a Youth Music grant to be eligible for this fund.

This fund is the first phase of their response. There will be weekly application deadlines for an initial six-week period. The first application closingdate is 5pm on Thursday 9 April. The online application form will be live by Wednesday 8 April

Find out more:

Sport England announces £195 million package to help sport and physical activity through Coronavirus

The package is a combination of National Lottery and government funding. Their Chief Executive Tim Hollingsworth said he hoped the package would help the sector get through these “extremely challenging times”.

“Sporting events are being cancelled, gyms and leisure centres are closed, clubs and community groups are not operating, and children and young people are all at home," added Tim. “This is impacting the sector financially in a significant way, although it is heartening to see huge amounts of innovation and agility, with many operators getting classes online in a matter of days to enable home workouts for example "

Sport England has also agreed to consider requests to release six months of the coming year’s funding (50% of awards) to existing funded organisations, meaning additional funding will be available sooner.  They have already offered major flexibilities to those who currently receive funding – including the ability to change timings, key performance indicators, targets and conditions, and redirect money to new activity in response to coronavirus.

In particular, their new £20 million Community Emergency Fund is open immediately for clubs and community organisations to bid into. Grants between £300 and £10,000 are available

Find out more:

Youth Futures Foundation launches its rolling grant programme as planned

Youth Futures Foundation writes "We are aware of the significant impact of Covid-19 and are in discussions with other funders about the possibility of emergency funding. However, we know that long-term funding is also needed. In launching our grants programme as planned, we hope to be as helpful as possible with our simple to access, rolling grants programme, so that you can focus on the vital work of supporting some of the most vulnerable young people in our communities now and in the future."

Find out more:

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Launches Rapid Response Coronavirus Emergency Fund

CAF has launched this Rapid Response Fund to help smaller charitable organisations affected by the impact of Covid-19. Grants of up to £10,000 will help them to continue to deliver much needed support to our communities across the UK.  This is intended as a rapid response fund, and they aim to make payments to selected organisations within 14 days of application. They anticipate high numbers of applicants and unfortunately it is likely that we will not be able to offer a grant to all eligible applicants.

Find out more:

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Launches Coronavirus Response Fund

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner writes: "Across the region hundreds of organisations are facing an unprecedented challenge in how they support families and vulnerable people and help prevent crime. So, I’ve decided to bring forward my annual £200,000 community fund as a new project designed to help local charities and community groups to continue their vital work. From Monday 30 March, my office will take applications for grants of up to £5k to help sustain the delivery of crucial community projects, from a variety of organisations, including those helping people at risk of domestic abuse and organisations helping young people experiencing abuse, neglect or the impacts of poverty now the stability and support of schools has been taken away."

Find out more:

Sir James Knott Trust introduces online application system to speed up processes

Sir James Knott Trust has introduced an online application system from 31st March 2020. Our main goal was to make it the best it could be for our users and hopefully speed up the process of applying for funding. The Trust Secretary writes " We understand how challenging it can be. The form has been tested by some of our friends in the community. We have listened to their feedback and tweaked it to make it as simple and straight forward as possible. We are also providing accessible versions of the form for those who are partially sighted or have other needs and, if necessary, applicants can still send applications by email. Our website has been updated with new guidelines on how to complete the form but anyone experiencing problems can get in touch by contacting: info@knott‐"

Find out more:

Newcastle Round Table sets up COVID-19 Emergency Fund For Local Organisations

Newcastle Round Table has been raising funds for charitable causes across Tyneside for 60 years, and recognising that COVID-19 has placed significant demands on local organisations, is making grants of up to £2 000 available to local organisations (not individuals).

You can see the application form here (you may need to download Dropbox): or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Arts Council responds quickly to the needs of the cultural sector

The Arts Council has moved quickly to responds quickly to the current emergency with funding to support smaller cultural organisations, many of which are in the community and charity sector, to ensure thyeir survival. It is making £50 million available to organisations that are not National Portfolio Organisations (ones that do not receive significant ongoing funding because of their national or regional significance.  Funds of up to £35 000 per organisation. Potential applicants needed to register by Friday 3 April

Find out more:

This comes after their announcement earlier this week of support for bigger arts and culture organisations which are National Portfolio Organisations. In our region these include much-loved Tyneside Cinema, and Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children's Books. Support for creative practitioners and cultural workers is also being made available

Find out more:

The Arts Council also wants to support individual artists, creative practitioners and freelancers as best they can in this crisis, and is making £20 million of financial support available to individuals, so they can better sustain themselves, and their work, in the coming months.

Find out more:

Indigo Trust releases funds to help charities respond to Coronavirus challenges

The Indigo Trust has pledged £2.5m to ensure charities can keep serving communities throughout the coronavirus crisis and beyond.

The grant-maker, which is part of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trust, has pledged £1m to the Trussell Trust to support the running of food banks across the country, which are facing disrupted supply chains, a fall in the number of volunteers and a rise in demand.

It has also pledged money to support other funders, donating £1m to the National Emergencies Trust's coronavirus appeal. Click on the links of each to find out more. We'll bring you more details as these are announced.

To see the full story visit:

Neighbourly sets up new COVID-19 Community Fund

Neighbourly enables community groups and charities to get help, connect with businesses that have volunteer time, money or product surplus to donate. They've set up a COVID-19 Community Fund, backed by their partner businesses- including M&S, Lidl, Aldi, Danone and Coca-Cola European Partners - to support the Neighbourly causes that will be most affected with a series of micro-grants of up to £400. These will be awarded to existing members of Neighbourly in UK, are unrestricted and can cover food provision, emergency supplies, practical support, running costs, transport and other essentials.

Find out more:

Government announces £3.2 million fund to help rough sleepers self-isolate

The Communities Secretary has announced £3.2 million of emergency funding to help rough sleepers to self-isolate. This funding represents an initial first step to help local authorities and frontline services be fully prepared and put emergency measures in place. Councils will be reimbursed for the cost of providing accommodation and services to rough sleepers, and those at risk of rough sleeping, who are suffering from or at risk of coronavirus

The funding will be available to all local authorities in England and will reimburse them for the cost of providing accommodation and services to those sleeping on the streets to help them successfully self-isolate.  As local details emerge, we'll keep voluntary sector organisations informed.

Find out more:

VONNE opens FINE (Funding Information North East) to all

Funding Information North East (FINE) pulls together current funding opportunities from dozens of sources into one easy to digest update sent to you every fortnight. Their online funding directory is usually a service available to members, but they've made it open to everyone for the time being. It contains details of over 100 charitable trusts and foundations in the North-East.

Find out more:

Waitrose creates £1 million Community Support Fund

Waitrose is creating a £1 million Community Support Fund to be used as direct aid for the communities they and their staff live and work in. Lsocal shop will have these funds to support their local area based on the needs of the community.Help will include setting up additional local delivery services to support people isolated in their home, for delivering essential items to local care homes and community groups, and for donating products to create care packages for customers to share with vulnerable neighbours.

Find out more:

Charity Commission issues special guidance on donating safely

The Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulator today urged people to ‘give safely’ as people continue to respond with generosity in the current crisis.  Make sure your organisation is seeking, holding, or spending donations appropriately, and think about how to ensure people can donate to your organisation with confidence in where their donations will be used.

Find out more:

NCVO makes funding and income resources freely available to non-member organisations

NCVO has made all of its (usually) member-only KNOWHOW resources free to everyone because of the current situation They write: "We think it’s important people have the guidance they need to run their organisations during this time". They have a wide  range of resources, including a wealth of material on funding and income.  Their website also has several topical items and a dedicated Coronavirus updates resources page 

 Find out more:

Funding Opportunities

Many of you visit our website for a selection of funding opportunities as soon as you see the new edition of Connected Voice News. During this time, we'll be updating this page daily with funding news and information as it emerges

In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to be available to offer information, advice, guidance and support in helping you to clearly map out your funding priorities, get everything ship-shape so that you can present your organisation to funders, identify the right funders for the right project or idea, and assist you in how best to write a compelling and thorough description of your project or idea that will enhance your chances of success.

Thomas Wall Trust - Digital Skills 2020 Grant Programme to open for applications in May

To celebrate its 100th brthday, the Thomas Wall Trust is running a new grants programme throughout 2020 available to organisations working towards improving basic digital skills for people in need.

Grants of up to £5 000 are available for registered charities for specific projects or core activities that support literacy, numeracy, digital and additional skills for learning that are likely to assist employment prospects. The funding is intended to support people with an emphasis on building confidence, knowledge and skills, equipping people for employment.

Find out more:

Urban Tree Challenge Fund Awards First Grants

Government funding will enable 13 urban communities across England to plant 22,000 large trees and 28,000 small trees this year as part of the UK’s efforts to tackle air pollution and promote health and wellbeing. In year two (2020/21), the fund will be open to applications from individual tree planters. The funding will be for much smaller, single planting sites. For those including large trees the minimum value will be £5,000. For applications with only small trees, the minimum value will be £1,150.

Find out more:

Extra £9m to Support Youth-Led Social Action Programmes in the #iwill Fund

The Government and the National Lottery Community have announced they are further supporting the #iwill Fund with an additional £9 million. The new investment will enable the #iwill Fund to expand its ambition to work with further funders who are interested in joining this large partnership to further embed youth social action opportunities across England by developing their own youth social action programmes.

Find out more:

New initiative: Digital Skills for Heritage launches

Digital Skills for Heritage is a new initiative from the National Lottery Heritage Fund aimed at increasing digital capabilities across the heritage sector. It's been developed based on the concept that heritage organisations can thrive in the digital era, using tech to attract the visitors and support they need.   It will; 

  • promote digital skills and leadership 
  • directly support digital skills development 

Find out more:

Current funding opportunities with a closing date (nearest dates shown first) 



Cultural Impact Development Fund

Closing date: 31 August 2021

A £3.7 million fund providing small-scale repayable finance to socially-driven arts, cultural and creative organisations. The Cultural Impact Development Fund offers repayable finance between £25,000 and £150,000 to arts, cultural and creative organisations that are committed to improving the quality of their impact practice and evaluation and could benefit from external support.

The programme is launched By NESTA in partnership with the Growth Fund, delivered by Access – The Foundation for Social Investment, with finance being provided by its partners Big Lottery Fund and Big Society Capital

Find out more:

Magic Little Grants Fund open to applications

Closing date: 31 October 2020

The fund will be awarding £500 grants to community projects across Great Britain. Successful projects will support and inspire people to participate in sports or exercise with the primary aim of improving the physical health of participants. Delivered in partnership with Postcode Community Trust, funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, there are over 900 grants available through the fund.

Find out more:

Ongoing Funding

Bernicia Foundation 

The Bernicia Foundation will help fund projects and initiatives that deliver real and lasting community benefits, alongside those that support individuals to achieve their ambitions.  Over the next four years, the foundation will channel profits from Bernicia’s commercial property arm Kingston and invest them into people and communities at a time of need.  It has two programmes:

The Inclusion Grant Programme offers grants of between 5 and £10k to support initiatives that encourage:

Social inclusion:

  • Reducing isolation and loneliness
  • Promoting independence
  • Building citizenship, confidence and aspiration

Economic inclusion:

  • Removing barriers to employment, training and volunteering
  • Reducing child poverty
  • Tackling Fuel Poverty
  • Improving financial wellbeing

The Inspiration Grant Programme supports disadvantaged young people to achieve their full potential

  • Aimed at young people under 24 and/or organisations that support them
  • Grants of up to £1000 per young person aimed at people with real potential with a talent for anything from sporting skills, academia, performing arts to creative flair.

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Akzo International Paint Fund

The Akzo international Paint Fund at the Community foundation is open for applications from charities or constituted community groups for resources and activities for community projects in Gateshead. The main eligibility criteria are:

  • Volunteer led projects focussing on creating strong communities 
  • Grants are specifically for equipment/capital items or small community projects/activities.
  • Project must be at a stage where they can start within 3 months of receiving the grant.
  • The funding must pay for a specific project in full - not just a donation to a larger cost. i.e. full project cost should be between £750 and no more than £1,000.

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John Lewis Foundation

The John Lewis Foundation came about to invest in disadvantaged communities within which John Lewis operates. It aims to deliver skills for meaningful employment through this and welcomes applicants who also wish to help achieve this, from both the UK and overseas. 

Their grant funding criteria outlines that:

  • Your organisation must be a registered charity or be able to demonstrate your project as a charitable activity,
  • The project must benefit communities in which there is a John Lewis store, supplier, manufacturer, distribution hub, call centre etc.
  • Focus on needs of a community and benefit a large group of people,
  • Improve the local environment, employability or social inclusion with in these target groups.

The John Lewis Foundation will not fund the purchase or renovation of buildings or any other capital projects. They will also not fund any project that is a course, conference, festival, expedition, overseas travel, fundraising event, reception, lecture, respite break or holiday. Further details can be found from their Applicant Guidance.

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Gateshead Thrive Fund Community Grants

Supporting Gateshead-based voluntary and community sector organisations, Community Grants are administered by Community Foundation on behalf of Gateshead Council's Thrive Fund. 

Applications must demonstrate how they support the development and delivery of one or more of the Council’s five pledges in its five-year strategic approach, ‘Making Gateshead a Place Where Everyone Thrives’. The Pledges are:

  • Put people and families at the heart of everything we do
  • Tackle inequality so people have a fair chance
  • Support our communities to support themselves and each other
  • Invest in our economy to provide sustainable opportunities for employment, innovation and growth across the Borough
  • Work together and fight for a better future for Gateshead

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LEAF Endowment Fund

The LEAF Endowment Fund exists to help people to deliver projects that address and/or raise awareness of environmental issues in Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. 

The primary focus of your application must clearly be on the environment, but it should also show how the proposed activity will have a positive impact on the quality of life of communities, particularly in areas of severe environmental and economic hardship.

Applications must demonstrate one of more of the following outcomes:

  • Encouraging communities to get involved in environmental activities
  • Changing behaviours leading to more local environmental action
  • Having a positive impact on the environment
  • Sharing learning about the environment with others

They are most interested in projects that can show that they will make a demonstrable change and immediate impact on the environment, but they will still consider applications where they are also working to raise awareness, education and change behaviour.

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National Lottery Grants for Heritage (formerly Heritage Lottery Fund)

Following public consultation last year the Heritage Lottery Fund has moved in a new direction and changed its name to The National Lottery Heritage Fund to better reflect the contribution of National Lottery players to its funding. Lots has changed so please visit their website to find out more.

Grants of £10,000 - £100,000 are available

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Children in Need Small Grants

Small Grants programme is open to charities and not-for-profit organisations applying for any amount up to and including £10,000 per year for up to 3 years. They have changed the way the Small Grants programme is delivered, including an updated eligibility checklist form.

Projects working with children and young people of 18 years and under experiencing disadvantage through:

  1. Illness, distress, abuse or neglect
  2. Any kind of disability
  3. Behavioural or psychological difficulties
  4. Living in poverty or situations of deprivation

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Children in Need Main Grants

The Main Grants programme is open to charities and not-for-profit organisations applying for grants over £10,000 per year for up to three years. BBC Children in Need is preparing to update its Main Grants Programme and adjusting the timetable for grant making over the next year during the transition.

They will fund projects for Children and young people of 18 years and under experiencing disadvantage through:

  1. Illness, distress, abuse or neglect
  2. Any kind of disability
  3. Behavioural or psychological difficulties
  4. Living in poverty or situations of deprivation

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REEDS Grassroots Fund

The fund supports projects in Tyne and Wear and Northumberland that aim to improve the life chances of disadvantaged communities.

Grants of up to £3,000 will be made to support the delivery of welfare benefits and employment-related advice and support activities to disadvantaged individuals and families in poverty and in order to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Preventing or alleviating poverty through increased income
  • Improved living standards of the most disadvantaged through increased household income
  • Increasing individuals’ ability to manage their benefits claims to reduce the likelihood of future sanctions/problems 

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Edward Gostling Foundation

Funding to Enhance the Quality of Life for People in Need

Larger grants now available for charities whose work enhances the quality of life for people in need, particularly those on a low income who have a physical and/or mental disability or long-term illness. The Edward Gostling Foundation provides funding to support its goal of ensuring that people living with a mental and/or physical disability or a long-term illness should have the same choices, quality of life opportunities and aspirations as others.

UK charities that have been registered for at least three years can apply for a grant as long as their application address at least one of the four themes of the Foundation:

  • Health and wellbeing: to maintain, improve and advance the health and welfare of people living with disabilities and/or long-term illnesses.
  • Independent living at home: to support people who wish to remain living in their own home for as long as is practically possible.
  • Respite: either for the person living with a disability (or long-term illnesses) or the carer to access sports and leisure activities or simply enjoy fun, friendship and the opportunity to socialise and share with others who may be in a similar situation.
  • Transition: to provide fundamental life skills and infrastructure necessary to allow people to reach their full potential in all areas of life and to become a valued member of their local community.

The Foundation now offers two levels of funding:

  • Fast Track Small Grants of less than £5,000.
  • Large Grants of more than £5,000.

Sherburn House Fund Individual Hardship (Relief in Need)

  • (Managed by County Durham Community Foundation)
  • £300 grants available for individuals or families
  • Funding for essential domestic equipment (eg cookers, washing machines, beds etc)

North East wide (recipients must live between the River Tweed and River Tees) Applications are invited from professionals working with clients who are experiencing extreme hardship and are in extreme social and financial need. It is likely that they have been unable to obtain funding from other sources.

Applications must be submitted by organisations willing to purchasing items on behalf of your client.

For full details, please visit the CDCF website

The Adint Charitable Trust 

Makes grants of between £250 and £15,000 to registered charities for general charitable purposes, but has a preference for charities working in the fields of education, training, disability, sport and/or recreation.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

Applications should be in writing to the address below and include full details of the charity for which funding is requested.

Mr. Douglas Oram FIH MCIPS, The Adint Charitable Trust, Suite 512, 517, Finchley Road, London NW3 7BN

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Joicey Trust

Trustees' meetings take place twice a year: usually late January/early February and late June/ July.

Applications should be submitted to the appeals secretary in time to allow for any queries to be resolved by 30 November or 31 May in each year for consideration at the next Trustees' meeting: early applications are therefore encouraged.

Grants are made across a wide spectrum for either revenue (including 'core funding') or capital expenditure. Applications for research (and research costs within core funding applications) will not normally be supported. The Trustees also generally exclude applications from charities that are not registered within the beneficiary area and where gross incoming resources exceed £1 million as any award would be a very small addition to these resources.

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Bill Brown 1989 Charitable Trust

 The trust is particularly interested in supporting the following areas:-

  • Research into blindness
  • Other medical research  
  • The deaf and blind  
  • Care of the elderly    
  • Care of the disabled    
  • General welfare    
  • Hospices 

Boshier-Hinton Foundation

 Has two priorities:

  1. To provide relief for children and adults with special educational or other needs, and their families, in any part of the country.
  2. To make donations to institutions providing facilities and advocacy for children and adults with special educational or other needs.  

The Henry Smith Charity - North-East England organisations to apply direct

Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland is no longer administering funds for The Henry Smith Charity, the grant-giving charity which aims to bring about lasting change to people's lives by funding organisations working with people to reduce social and economic disadvantage. It's keen for potential applicants - including charities, not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises, schools and some churches (depending on the grant programme) - here in the North-East to engage direct with them. It has a number of grant programmes with varying qualifying criteria and specific aims, including

  • Improving Lives - Grants of between £50k and £2m for small and medium sized organisations in the UK to support projects and the running costs, including staff salaries, of organisations.
  • Strengthening Communities - Grants of between £20k and £60k per year for 1 to 3 years for running costs of small community based organisations working in the most deprived areas of the UK.
  • Holiday Grants - One-off short programme grants of £500 to £2500 for short holidays or recreational trips, available in the 20% most deprived areas of the UK
  • Christian Projects - Grants of £1k per year, up to 3 years, for schools, churches, small charities and not-for-profit organisations. It will only support work that comes from a Church of England context, or, that is fully ecumenical.

Deadline: Ongoing for most grant progrmmes
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National Lottery Community Fund

Awards for All

National Lottery Awards for All offers funding from £300 to £10,000 to support what matters to people and communities.

You can apply if your organisation is a:

  • voluntary or community organisation
  • registered charity
  • constituted group or club
  • not-for-profit company or community interest company
  • social enterprise
  • school
  • statutory body (including town, parish and community council)

Their priorities are:

  • bringing people together and building strong relationships in and across communities
  • improving the places and spaces that matter to communities
  • enabling more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.

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Reaching Communities

Flexible funding over £10,000 for up to five years to organisations in England who want to take action on the issues that matter to people and communities.

The grants are awarded to voluntary and community organisations or social enterprises for up to five years. They can fund project activities, operating costs, organisational development and capital costs.

Applicants must show how they would:

  • bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities
  • improve the places and spaces that matter to communities
  • enable more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.

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There are a range of other funding programmes available from the National Lottery. Please visit their website to find out more



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