Our Commitment to Equity Diversity and Inclusion


Our commitment to Equity Diversity and Inclusion

The Connected Voice Board and staff Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) group have been working hard to re-write our EDI Policy, design a framework and produce detailed action plan to ensure Connected Voice is committed to embedding equity, diversity and inclusion in all of our strategies, activities and decisions.


An overview of our EDI policy and plan

Our EDI Policy and plan is ambitious. It covers all aspects of our organisation, from governance and partnership working, recruitment and staff wellbeing, to understanding and representing the diverse communities we serve, and ensuring our services meet their needs so we can strive for equality.

We aim to create and promote a culture that will support trustees, staff and volunteers to feel empowered, knowledgeable and able to administer our EDI Policy in all of our interactions with service users, members, partners, stakeholders and suppliers. We will promote equity, diversity and inclusion and will take steps to challenge discrimination, harassment and victimisation in everything we do.

We understand that everyone’s life experiences are different and we aim to encourage a culture of open-ness and ensure our people feel comfortable to ask questions related to EDI. We know that discrimination and oppression takes many forms and that regular experience of micro aggressions can be as harmful as overt discrimination.

We have started with understanding diversity within our own staff teams to establish if we reflect the communities we serve. We are proud to say that the diversity within our team is higher than the average both nationally and for Newcastle in relation to all protected characteristics apart from disability; we have fewer staff with a disability than we would expect to see when looking at the number of working age people who have a disability compared to the population. This is now a key priority for us and we’re looking at ways to ensure our recruitment process is accessible to disabled people.


Supporting your organisation

Our EDI Policy also outlines our commitments to encourage the organisations we work with to be aware of our equity, diversity and inclusion policy and support them to adopt their own policies. We currently support organisations with designing appropriate policies covering a range of aspects like safeguarding and the environment. Based on our experiences in designing an in-depth EDI Policy, we will support other organisations to adopt an EDI Policy that fits with their own commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion.

We’re also pleased to add EDI training to our core programme of training for organisations in Newcastle and Gateshead. The training is currently in development and will be ready in Autumn 2021.


Delivering on our vision and values

This equity, diversity and inclusion policy is at the heart of all that we do to improve the quality of life across the region and to work towards a fairer future for all. It is supported by our values.


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