Hindu Temple Newcastle

The logo for Hindu Temple Newcastle


Tell us about your organisation (history, aims, vision):

We are a faith-based organisation providing a place of worship and a cultural centre for the Hindu community in Newcastle and North East England. We welcome all that would like to learn and explore Hindu traditions and culture. We also provide an extensive outreach programme to local schools.

Who do you serve? How do they access services?

We serve the local Hindu community. They access our services through visiting the Hindu Temple Newcastle based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

What are your current projects or services?

We have a rolling programme including: cultural activities such as dance, yoga and meditation; school and community outreach initiatives; celebrating key Hindu festivals; providing hot meals to local Indian students (or anyone who requires it); worship services 7 days a week.

What are your main concerns at the moment?

Our community has outgrown the building we are currently in, and we need a much larger, more fit-for-purpose space. The lack of parking around the site also makes visiting the temple very difficult for some.

Contact details:

Website: www.hindutemple.co.uk

Phone: 0191 273 3364 / 07771 565 836

Email: info@hindutemple.co.uk