Improving Digital Inclusion in Gateshead

Alessandra Mondin

Gateshead Digital Inclusion Health and Social Care Project Manager

An older sikh man and woman sit on the sofa with a laptop and a keyworker overlooks helping them

I am delighted to have joined Connected Voice in April as Digital Inclusion, Health & Care Project Manager for Gateshead.

I have an academic background and I have taught at different universities. Equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility have been central to the work I have been undertaking in the VCSE (voluntary, community and social enterprise) and statutory sectors. I have worked in various charities in a number of different roles supporting LGBTQIA+ people, people seeking asylum, refugees, and migrant communities. I have also worked in community holistic sexual health for a local authority.

This is a new role and it focuses on leading and coordinating a collaborative digital inclusion project that brings together Gateshead Council, local NHS partners, VCSE organisations, academics, and tech firms. Health and social care services are changing rapidly with the increase in use of digital technology, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic, and digital inclusion is being recognised as a social determinant of health. Improving outcomes for people in Gateshead means providing good quality, accessible, and inclusive services using emerging digital technologies while also enabling people to engage in a way that suits them.

Being part of this vibrant project is very exciting. I am really looking forward to working with people in Gateshead and alongside so many colleagues who are determined to make a positive and tangible difference in people’s lives.

If you would like to share any projects, best practice, needs, and gaps regarding digital inclusion and accessibility in Gateshead or if you would like to know more and have a chat, you can reach me via email at