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Our award-winning service is independent, free and confidential. We can help with things like understanding your rights, getting the health, housing and social care services you need, dealing with letters and phone calls, and supporting you to keep safe from abuse.

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Someone I can talk to and trust


Someone I can talk to and trust!


We are still actively advocating for our service-users through the COVID-19 pandemic with a combination of remote/home working and essential visits.

For further information about changes to our services during this time visit: Advocacy Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

'Valuing Voices' Report: Protecting rights through the pandemic and beyond

People who face discrimination are at the sharp end of inequality and poverty. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought existing inequalities into stark relief. Those of us who are most negatively affected by inequality have also been most negatively affected by the pandemic. Connected Voice Advocacy was one of the organisations which supported the development of a survey of 435 advocates working across England and Wales that was carried out in June 2020, with support from the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi). The 'Valuing Voices' report brings together the findings from the survey. Advocates shared urgent concerns which reflect not only the restrictions that the pandemic brought but also the wider attitudes towards people who have additional support needs.

To read the full report and recommendations click here.