Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 - Newcastle City Council

Closing date

Applications for grants of up to £1,500 are invited from organisations that would like to contribute to the Holocaust Memorial Day programme in Newcastle in 2022. 

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place each year on 27th January, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Allied troops at the end of WWII.

The aim of the fund is to support the development and delivery of activities which:

  • Commemorate those who were persecuted and/or killed during the Holocaust or other genocides
  • Enhance understanding and increase awareness of the Holocaust and other genocides and their victims, particularly amongst children and young people
  • Engage the interest of an increased number and a broader cross section of the resident population of the city, in understanding The Holocaust and other genocides
  • Encourage appropriate opposition to the behaviours and attitudes that characterise discrimination and victimisation of all kinds, and the Holocaust and other genocides in particular, and
  • Recognise and celebrate the courage and suffering of survivors

They are particularly looking for proposals for activity to engage people in a hybrid approach; a mix of in person and online activity is welcomed as part of the 2022 programme.