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  • 2019 reports

    • Canaries in the Coal Mine: The views of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Gateshead and Newcastle

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  • The importance of research

    Newcastle and Gateshead’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector makes a significant difference to the lives of many people. In our research and reporting, we seek to describe the contribution voluntary and community organisations make and the impact they have. Our reports also highlight the challenges which many voluntary and community organisations are facing and those experienced by the individuals and communities the sector supports.

    Our most recent reports are available below. For copies of our previous reports see the list of past reports.

  • 2018 reports

    • Food Poverty in Newcastle: The voluntary and community sector view and response

    Food Poverty in Newcastle cover

    • GaN Canny 2018: This paper summarises current views within the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors in Gateshead and Newcastle. It is the first time that we have conducted a joint study of both Gateshead and Newcastle.

    Gan Canny 2018 Page 01

    Do We Need to Talk? Public Sector Procurments and Contracts: A Thought Piece Intended as a prompt from debate and discussion, Do We Need to Talk asks, what are the potential unintended consequences for voluntary organisations of public sector procurement and contracting and are there inherent risks in a strategy that concentrates on public sector contracts and delivery? 

    Public Sector Procurement and Contracts Page 01

    Do We Need to Talk

    Welcome Here: ­­Celebrating voluntary sector work with the diverse Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities in Newcastle and Gateshead. This report discusses increasing the accessibility of services; wellbeing and health; education and employment; tackling racism, discrimination, prejudice, and hate crime; that women face structural inequalities; and participation in cultural, community, and public life. There is a short Executive Summary, and the longer report contains footnote references.   

     Welcome Here Cover copy

  • 2017 reports

    • Voluntary Sector Trends in Newcastle and Gateshead July 2017: This paper summarises current trends within the voluntary and community sector. It draws upon several sources, most of which are reports published during the first half of 2017 that offer national, regional and local perspectives on the state of the sector.

    Gateshead 1204995 1280

    • A short review of voluntary sector experience of public sector commissioning: In recent years public sector procurement and contracting processes has increased in importance for many voluntary organisations in Newcastle. This review looks at what is happening elsewhere in England, how the relationships and practice between commissioners and the local voluntary sector might be different and what lessons do examples in other local authorities providing learning for Newcastle.
    • A Changing Wind: Newcastle CVS has produced this study which looks at the views from frontline voluntary organisations in Newcastle and Gateshead that work with people with physical and sensory disabilities.

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    • Doing Good in Gateshead: Newcastle CVS has produced this study on the state of the voluntary and community sector in Gateshead. It focuses on Gateshead based organisations and their key issues - funding and sustainability, recruitment and retention of volunteers, increases in demand and the impact of welfare reforms.

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  • 2016 reports

    • Taking the Temperature 2016: Newcastle CVS recent study on the state of play of the voluntary and community sector in Newcastle. Funding up or down, more or less staff, more services, more users and greater anxieties.
  • VCS 2020 reports

    As part of the Council’s desire to meet the challenges of 2020, it commissioned Newcastle CVS to produce a report on the current position of the voluntary and community sector, the support it needs and uses now, and looking to the future in 2020. In order to ensure independence, Newcastle CVS commissioned SkillsBridge to carry out interviews with local voluntary organisations.

    These reports look at the position of Newcastle and its current challenges. The reports have a number of separate elements – interviews with 29 key public sector leaders, 20 local voluntary and community organisations, 10 key support (infrastructure) organisations, a survey of 71 local organisations and a background review of the key policies affecting the voluntary and community sector locally and nationally. The result is the most comprehensive study carried out for many years on behalf of the voluntary and community sector in Newcastle.

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