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Mark Shilcock Mark Shilcock, Support and Development Co-ordinator

For 10 years, has connected Gateshead residents to activities, services and information. The coronavirus pandemic, has meant that the majority of activities and services on the site have either been suspended or dramatically altered. Connected Voice, have endeavoured to keep the site up to date during the first stages of the lockdown.

As the government are beginning to inform us how they are removing the strictest lockdown rules, we are looking at how the site can be used to support residents and community organisation to safely begin to provide / attend more services and activities. 

It will be difficult for some organisations to navigate these challenging times. Whilst there will be a desire to provide the services and activities to their communities, there will also be an acute awareness that this needs to be done in a safe way for both residents and the organisers. 

Some organisations will need to completely rethink the activities they provide: It may not be safe to resume some activities for a while due the need for continued social distancing measures. However, these groups may be able to adapt the activity to allow for some of the same benefits i.e. Social connections/ providing exercise.

How could OurGateshead support these measures? 

We plan to promote ideas from organisations that can be shared and adapted to allow more activities and services to restart. will enable organisations to:

  • Promote their current and any restarted activities on the site and via a new weekly newsletter.
  • Ask residents for help in getting their activities back running again
  • Local residents across the area have shown their desire to support their communities.
  • Find the support and funding opportunities needed to keep their organisation viable.

Residents will be able to:

  • Discover the services and activities in their locality
  • Add activities that they know about – sharing the knowledge that they have about their area.
  • Help local organisations to restart – ensuring that the activities continue to be available in their communities.

If you would like more information, or support using please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.