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pic of vicki  Vicki Harris, HAREF Network Coordinator

We’ve had a really busy and interesting time delivering workshops to 300 4th year medical students at Newcastle University. Working with the Regional Refugee Forum (RRF), we have run 16 workshops using HAREF facilitators and members of the RRF. The aim of the workshops was to give the students ‘food for thought’ about meeting the health needs of people seeking asylum in the UK.

A big thank you to the facilitators and the RRF group members for their hard work and input, especially those sharing their personal experiences and are either still in the asylum process or have been through it.

We’ve had great feedback from the students:

"I didn’t fully understand the difficulties of the asylum seeker process relating to health care."

"In future I will take time to understand your patient, their background and possible difficulties they may be facing.

We hope these workshops will have helped these future doctors to think about the needs of some of the more vulnerable people in our communities.