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 Louise     Louise McGlen, Funding Advice Officer

We are increasingly hearing from organisations that are finding the approaches that worked for them in the past are no longer a safe bet. Here are four steps to improving your chances of success.

Four steps to improving your chances:

1. Talk to people, especially beneficiaries/ people in your target area. Are the services you offer still relevant, offered in a way that reaches out to those most in need? How have things changed? Show how consulting others informed your project.

 2. Consider whether the way you work is the most effective approach, are there other ways of achieving results, can you demonstrate impact? If your work is really effective and achieves its outcomes, does it mean that people no longer need you? Show how you constantly review and tweak your work to ensure you meet current needs.

 3. Understand what it is you do well? How are you different from organisations that might be considered similar/doing the same thing? Assess your competition honestly and develop your unique selling point.

 4. Get someone from outside your organisation to honestly appraise your chances and help you develop an action plan, talk to Newcastle CVS.

In the recent Newcastle CVS Members Survey 53% told us that funding is the most important issue they face. Did you know that in 2016/17, Newcastle CVS supported members to raise more than £2 million in funding?

See the funding support and advice we offer in the diagram below. Contact Louise McGlen, Funding Advice Officer at Newcastle CVS to find out more:

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T: 0191 235 7033

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