Say No To Abuse Campaign

A six week regional Safeguarding Adults radio campaign Say No to Abuse went live on 29 March 2021.  Awareness-raising adverts will appear throughout Teesside, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland on Metro Radio, Greatest Hits Radio and TFM. The radio adverts will highlight physical, emotional and financial abuse in three different scenarios. 

At Connected Voice Advocacy we support our service-users to Say No To Abuse in many ways:

  • Advocates help vulnerable people access support services to avoid being at risk of harm
  • Advocates build rapport with service-users and support people to disclose abuse
  • Advocates are legally required to be side-by-side with a person who is going through a Safeguarding Enquiry with their local authority, to explain the process and to ensure their voice is heard and any action planning is centred around them
  • Advocates help people to report discrimination or abuse towards them
  • Advocates help people who experience abuse to navigate the criminal justice system

Please contact us if you or someone you know needs support because of being at risk of harm or abuse. Find out more about our advocacy services here.

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