COVID-19 Vaccine Information from Haref

Connected Voice Haref

Our Haref project has been working with key organisations to produce and share COVID-19 vaccine information. Haref strives for health equality for local Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities and the resources are particularly aimed at people from these communities but still useful for all.


Vaccine Information Session

Connected Voice Haref recently ran an online information session about the COVID-19 vaccines. This is a 54 minute long recording of the vaccine information session with Kate Vogelsang (NGPS) and Lorna Longworth (Clinical Director) explaining about the vaccines:

  • How they are being administered in Newcastle?
  • What is in the vaccines?
  • How do the vaccines work?
  • How will people be notified about getting a vaccine?

Questions from Haref Network members such as:

  • How do asylum seekers get notified about their vaccine date?
  • Do people have a choice of which vaccine to get?
  • What side effects might you experience after each vaccine?
  • How long after receiving the first injection do you have immunity?

To go alongside the video, you can also download a presentation and information pack with information to share in your networks


COVID-19 Vaccine Hub – Myths

The British Islamic Medical Association have put together a mythbusting section about the COVID- 19 vaccine, and there are also infographics on their webpage.

Answering The Myths Click on the myths below to find answers from experts, revealing the truth behind each statement.


Local videos

Newcastle City Council have developed the following videos with the help of local residents:

Interviews with a Romanian gentleman who along with his family, all contracted COVID-19


Videos in different languages from range of frontline medical professionals from the RVI and Freeman hospitals about how to stay safe during the pandemic:


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