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Plans are moving ahead for bringing a virtual version of our Funding Fair to you on 17 June, as the centrepiece of our local activities supporting Small Charity Week 2020. We'll have more details in the coming weeks. We hope to bring you a series of funder videos setting out their priorities, processes and examples of the kinds of projects that are successful in securing funding. We'll also be offering a live phone-in funding helpdesk on the day itself.

Showcase what you're offering in our Funding Fair 2020 Virtual Dragon's Den. At last year's Gateshead Funding Fair we ran our very own Dragon's Den, in which three organisations pitched to a panel of four funders. Funders, of course, aren't dragons, and there were no handfuls of cash, but it was an effective and enjoyable way of organisations honing their pitch skills, showing us all what they do in a dynamic and different way, and a celebration of all that is best in the North-East voluntary, community charitable and social enterprise sector: Innovation, resilience, adaptability and our trademark openness, warmth and humour.

We're looking for your 5 minute videos setting out:

  • What you 'normally' do, why and who for;
  • What you're doing now and how you've changed things in the current emergency;
  • How you're thinking about doing things differently in the future
  • What resources you need, including funding – but also in-kind or other support

This will be an opportunity for you and us to showcase the range of inspiring, imaginative and committed action from local organisations that's been in abundance here in our region in the last few weeks.

It will also be an historical record of how the North-East's voluntary sector has responded in these challenging times, for future generations to see exactly how you brought your imagination, resilience, humour and courage to help the communities we all seek to serve.

If you want to take part in this, drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll talk your ideas through, and help you with some tips on making a good video-pitch.

You don't have to be a budding Spielberg – if you can take a picture on your phone, you can make a video. You just press the video button on your phone camera.

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Hold your phone sideways (so the video is 'landscape' and not 'portrait')
  • Keep your hand steady and move slowly
  • If you're camera shy, you don't have to be an on-screen presenter
  • We can help with a bit of editing, or mixing a separate voice-over recording 

And, if you already have a video that you've put up on social media, let us know, give us your permission, and we'll include it. 

You can see some examples of the kind of video we're talking about in our recent Virtual Networking Event

Here's an example from our friends at Food Nation's Harissa Kitchen (though admittedly they had the help of BBC Look North to help with their video) 


And another from Riverview Bakery in Blackhall Mill 


We're not looking for BAFTA Best Picture award-winners here.  A simple video shot on your phone camera showing what you do will be great. We can help with advice on how you can put something together.