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We’re excited to share that after 18 months of hard work the new OurGateshead website is now live! Visit to see what’s new.

OurGateshead new logo

What is OurGateshead?

OurGateshead is an award-winning community website that OurGateshead Officer, Mark Shilcock, has been running successfully for 10 years. OurGateshead is managed by Connected Voice and commissioned by Gateshead Council. The site has grown from an initial 40 community organisations looking to promote their activities to roughly 1,000 organisations today. Thanks to Mark’s ongoing work, OurGateshead performs highly on Google and so it’s a great place for organisations to make themselves known. Many choose to have an OurGateshead page instead of their own website because it’s easier to manage and often more discoverable.

Why did we design a new website?

We firmly believe that OurGateshead belongs to the community so we encourage an open dialogue with visitors and partners who offer critical feedback. For a number of years, OurGateshead existed as a directory-type website which is still useful but a couple of years ago we asked ourselves ‘is this the best way for people to engage with the site, find what they are looking for and be more aware of what’s happening in their local community?’

We worked with the University of Newcastle Open Lab to run a series of workshops with members of the community so we could answer these questions. Open Lab did a brilliant job of mapping user experiences and combining their findings with the feedback from the workshops to recommend a new and more intuitive approach to the site navigation and layout. We also wanted to update the brand so that it felt more modern and approachable. This was something that Open Lab were also able to support us with.

What’s changed?

The refreshed brand for OurGateshead comes with a new strapline – ‘Discover what’s on your doorstep’. Visitors are invited to click on ‘Things to do’, ‘Ways to help’ or to type in what they are searching for. There’s still directories of Organisations (sorted A-Z, by area or keyword), Collections (information grouped in themes), and Rooms to Hire but we think the new search features will make it much easier for visitors to find what they are looking for and to just have a general explore.

In addition, the site has been designed with mobiles in mind first so it’s easier to use for the majority of our visitors who access OurGateshead from their phone. Those with a free account will also hopefully find it simpler to add and edit content and make use of the new ‘save a draft’ function if they need to come back to edit a post later.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes is that residents can now share information on OurGateshead as well as organisations. In the previous version, accounts could only be set up if they were attached to an organisation. Now individual residents can add events and updates that are happening in their local community and we’re encouraging everyone to get involved! You can set up an account with a username and an email address, which is never displayed publically.

OurGateshead website

What next?

We’d love it if you could take a moment to have a look around the new site and tell us what you think; ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. We’ve built OurGateshead to be as flexible as possible and we’re always happy to explore and test new ideas.

General comments and feedback can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you spot an error or experience a glitch on the new site, you can submit this using the Feedback tab (pink block on the left hand side of every page) and we will be able to locate exactly where you were on the website when it happened.