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We are immensely proud to have received a Gold Award for Better Health at Work.

The Better Health at Work award is open to organisations in the North East and Cumbria. It recognises the achievements of organisations that promote healthy lifestyles and consider the health of their employees.

There are four levels to the award: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Continuing Excellence. The Gold level requires applicants to look beyond their own organisation to promote health within the wider community. We must implement a three year health strategy and one year action plan, participate in and promote five health topics, offer free health checks to staff, provide policies for bullying and harassment, demonstrate a system to support staff on long term sick, ensure environmental management systems are in place and demonstrate innovative ways of addressing workplace health and wellbeing.

The assessment involved a series of interviews with different members of staff, alongside a portfolio that provides evidence for how you have met the requirements.

Better Health at Work Gold

The Assessors comments on Connected Voice included:

“Since signing up to the Award in 2015 there has been a definite change in the culture of the organisation. This is not to say that wellbeing was not of importance in 2015 but it is now apparent that employee wellbeing is at the forefront of the priorities for the organisation.”

“The commitment to share good practice and support the community and voluntary group network so that they too can promote wellbeing information to their staff, volunteers and service users.”

“The innovative approach to discussing and promoting wellbeing in a holistic way. The open conversation forums where individuals are encouraged to discuss both work and personal issues and look at options that could be implemented to address these. It was positive to see that there is a pathway for actions from these forums to be discussed by management to consider how Connected Voice can make changes to its policies and procedures.”

The Better Health at Work Award is free to sign up. Find out more at