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From 1 August the ‘automatic disqualification rules’ for trustees and management committees change, and for the first time will be extended to being employed by a charity as the senior manager, usually the chief executive, and possibly a chief finance officer.

Trustees, management committees, and senior managers, with certain convictions or who are on the sex offenders register, will be disqualified from being involved in a charity unless they apply to the Charity Commission for a waiver to prevent or remove the disqualification.

These rules apply to groups that are not registered with the Charity Commission, such as the management committee and the part time worker of a small unincorporated association, as well as those registered with the Charity Commission.

Main changes:

  • More offences and reasons why someone might be disqualified than currently.
  • As well as trustees, ‘senior manager’ employee roles restricted for the first time.

Newcastle CVS has produced a new information sheet about the rules: