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Newcastle CVS’s Wellbeing and Health Open Forum has made a response to the City Council’s Adult Services Market Position Statement (MPS). The MPS is a first step in the council’s aim towards achieving a cooperative approach to commissioning adult services.

In 2013/14 the council spent £72.1m on adult services, of which £59.5m was commissioned from other providers. This included a range of provision for people physical disabilities, mental health issues, sensory issues and older people.

With the needs of an aging population to respond to along with changes being driven by personalisation, the Care Act and Better Care Fund as well as further public sector cuts on the horizon, the council needs to consider how it will transform the delivery of adult social care for the city's residents.

In its response the Wellbeing and Health Open Forum acknowledged the impact of cuts to the council’s budget but wants the council to be more explicit about the additional impact 10% cuts in NHS budgets along with more detail on plans for health and social care integration.

There is also a call for more dialogue with the voluntary sector as the council develops its future plans for Adult Social Care. Concern is expressed that current commissioning and procurement systems do not allow for building collective community capacity and developing of flexible and innovative approaches.

Deadline for responses to the Adult Services MPS has passed. Stay informed for what happens next by subscribing to Newcastle CVSs fortnightly e-inform bulletin and becoming a member of the Wellbeing and Health Open Forum and receive our monthly On the Hoof newsletter.