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Bind Food Waste Innovation Community Interest Company

Bind Non-Executive Director Role (Voluntary)

We are currently looking for non-Executive Directors to join our team and support the organisation, develop a strategy and guide us through this very exciting stage in our development.

About Us

Bind has been running for 5 years and is Newcastle’s food waste hub. We run several projects that reduce food waste in the city through raising awareness, education and system design.

Our principal project is The Magic Hat Cafe. Having spent 3 years running pop-up events across the city, then the last two years holding a weekly cafe at Byker Community Centre, we are at last about to launch our own city centre premises, due to open February 2021. The Magic Hat collects food that would otherwise be wasted from around the city, and uses it to prepare a daily changing three course menu. We operate on a pay-as-you-feel basis, where customers can exchange either their money or time/skills for the food. Our food is not free, but we encourage people to put their value on what others have deemed waste. This also maximises our accessibility to people on low or no incomes, whilst avoiding the stigma associated with accepting a hand-out. It creates a unique diverse space shared by people from various financial and cultural backgrounds. We are about to embark on a transformation, employing five staff and taking on all the challenges, responsibilities and exciting opportunities that our own premises presents.

Eat Smart is an educational project based in schools. We engage the pupils, teachers and kitchen staff in the issue of food waste by first recruiting a team of pupils to carry out a food waste audit on the site. A week of food awareness sessions is followed by gathering ideas from the whole school on how to reduce their waste levels. The best ideas are implemented and we then repeat the audit to measure its effectiveness. The primary schools we’ve worked with so far were wasting £40,000 worth of food per year, which we reduced by one third.

Bind also consults with other businesses and community groups to help them reduce their food waste, and reduce their food bills by using surplus food in their kitchens. We are well recognised in the city and lead various partnerships with the local authority and private and voluntary sector organisations, tasked with reducing food waste at a strategic level.

See and for more info.

Time Commitment: Quarterly Meet and ongoing problem solving – via email/whatsapp.
The total hourly commitment would be about 4 hours per month.
Meetings will be held in Newcastle City Centre or via Zoom.

Initially we are looking to recruit Directors with the following areas of expertise, although we welcome applications from people with other skill sets:

1. HR/Legal - Inc. Oversee development of HR and safeguarding policies.
2. Strategic Growth and Development
3. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Inc. Provide guidance and support on the inclusion of marginalised groups
4. Finance

Roles and responsibilities of all Directors:
- Formulate & review the organisation’s strategy to achieve its aims and objectives
- Ensure policy & practices keep to the organisation’s aims and core values
- Ensure the organisation functions within its legal and financial requirements, and strives to achieve best practice
- Promote the objectives of the organisation

Essential Qualities of All Directors
- Commitment to Bind’s aims, objectives and core values
- Passion for creating behavioural change around the issue of food waste
- Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of Directorship
- Be familiarised with Bind’s governing documents. Including Articles of Association
- Willingness to devote time to carry out responsibilities.
- Strategic and forward looking vision in relation to our aims and objectives.

Application Process

To apply for one of the posts above, please prepare no more than one side of A4 telling us which post you are applying for, your relevant experience and what difference you hope to make to Bind. Please also include your full name and best contact details. Proposals should be emailed to There is no deadline for applications but we will appoint as soon as an appropriate person is found.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this, we hope to hear from you soon.

Contact Information

Duncan Fairbrother, Director
07522 358 058

Jess Miller, Director
07930 533 519