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Connected Voice CMYK Advocacy

About us

Connected Voice Advocacy provides a free, independent, high quality and ethical advocacy service that:

  • Helps people to be aware of their rights and available choices
  • Supports them to make informed decisions about their lives and then to have them acted upon wherever possible
  • Facilitates their voices being heard
  • Helps them advocate for themselves
  • Informs and influences decision makers in policy, service commissioning and provision at a local, regional and national level to achieve positive change

COVID-19 Advocacy Mythbuster

There has probably never been a more important time for people to be able to get independent advocacy to ensure that their voices are heard. There are myths circulating which might restrict people’s access to advocacy, but our guide debunks them, to help enable people to get the support they need to have a strong voice and their rights respected. Please see our COVID-19 Mythbuster.

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  • How will an advocate help

    Give us a call if you are unsure if you or someone you know meets our critera or if you Read More
  • Health and Care Advocacy

    Do you belong to one or more of the following groups? Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community Mental health Read More
  • Families Through Crisis

    Families Through Crisis works with families in Newcastle who would not ordinarily seek support and who are experiencing crisis and Read More
  • Hate Crime Advocacy

    Have you experienced hate crime or been targeted because of your race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity? We Read More
  • Statutory Advocacy

    Sometimes you may be legally entitled to advocacy support. This is called ‘statutory advocacy’. It includes support for people under Read More
  • Refer to our Advocacy Service

    How to make a referral Make a referral to our community services To make a referral to our community advocacy services Read More
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Contact us

Higham House, Higham Place,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8AF

Tel:      0191 232 7445

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